“The breezes blowing through Eastern Madera County carry a message for change. I hear it in every community I visit. Voters are ready.” 

Mark Reed


Your Issues are My Issues

Living in the Oakhurst area for the past 13 years means that I share the concerns we all have about our quality of life. My children went to school here, in part because I didn’t care for the way things were going in Southern California. And now, their children are living in the mountains, too.

So, when people talk about the threat of wildfire, the cost of living, the need for better law enforcement and firefighting resources, and the oppressive cost of insurance, I know how you feel.

Many of us appreciate that economic development—the right kind of businesses suited for Eastern Madera—can be the foundation to support better housing options, resources to care for the homeless, and people to support the visitor and hospitality industry.

Issue 1—Wildfire Safety

Fuel Reduction—I’ll work to develop a comprehensive, multijurisdictional wildfire prevention and hazardous fuels reduction plan. It must be cost effective and support cooperation among all stakeholders, including private business, community groups, and government agencies.

Pay Increases—I’ll work to raise firefighter pay. We simply cannot recruit and retain enough first responders at $15 an hour.

Fire Station Staffing—I’ll work to find solutions to reverse the course of empty stations in eastern Madera County.

Issue 2—Public Safety

Strengthening Law Enforcement—I’ll work to ensure adequate funding and resources to meet the challenges facing our communities safely and efficiently.

Development Infrastructure—I’ll work to make public safety a key element in every proposed building plan, making sure we don’t rush the process without assessing the public safety impact of each project.

Homelessness—I’ll work with government and stakeholders to address our district’s housing and mental health needs. Providing services to those in need, we can give people tools and hope.

Issue 3—Economic Development

Expand Our Tax Base—I’ll work to encourage business growth and to bring good paying jobs to our district. Simplifying the bureaucratic process, reducing impact and building fees, and leveraging government resources to District 5 is critical.

Affordable Housing—I’ll work to address the issues concerning short-term rentals to protect homeowners and renters in our communities.


Mark Reed

Early Career

Mark is motivated to produce results. Always has been. He approaches each opportunity fueled by his life experience, which has been distinguished and varied.

Straight out of high school, Mark held two managerial jobs—a day job at a lumber yard and nightshift manager for a national fast food restaurant.

From there he moved into sales and later into the pool plumbing business, which he purchased at age 26. At age 28 he added a retail store and, at 31, Mark sold his businesses to purchase an entertainment company that produced educational programs, private events, and creative assets that focused on ranch animals.

Advocacy Years

The entertainment company opened many doors for Mark.

He was elected to the board of the Screen Actors Guild and soon became the first freshman to be appointed to the finance committee. At age 31, Mark was chosen to serve as a national representative for American Indians in Film and Television. 

Mark has implemented job opportunity training and development programs in Mexico, Canada, and the US.

As a board member for public television station KCET, his decisions affected a viewership that spanned from Santa Barbara to the southern border.

Life Experience Matters in Government

Beyond these highlights are many stories about Mark’s family life, business challenges and successes, and leadership roles that require strong listening skills, collaboration, and open-mindedness. Each is a position of trust that puts transparency at the top of the list.

The work of a county supervisor demands keen insight and methodical preparation to serve the needs of the people. Mark has a proven track record of success, one that voters in Madera County can appreciate.


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Madera County Republican Party
California Republican Assembly
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