Mark Reed, candidate for Madera County Supervisor District 5, is an Oakhurst resident who has "family, friends and business ties" that go back five decades in Madera County. His family includes farmers and ranchers who inspired him to start a company from his own ranch at age 31 to entertain and educate children about farm animals.
He began his career in business management when he bought his first company at age 26. Two years later, he opened a retail plumbing and pool supply store which he sold to start his entertainment and educational company.
Reed comes from a military family of eleven where he said his ''strong sense of responsibility" came from his dad and "giving back to the community" came from his mother.
He and his wife, Nina, whom he lovingly introduces as his "childhood sweetheart", have three adult children and 11 grandchildren. The couple has been married 44 years.

Mark Reed and Family
Mark & Nina Reed pose with their lively offspring.
Madera citizens in District 5 can be assured that I will always provide 'them with accountability & "Experienced" representation when I earn their vote In the county's 5th District Supervisorial election on Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

"I have spent my life championing for the rights of the working class and I will never give up on that fight!
---Mark Reed, Candidate
  • Elected National Representative for American Indians, retired.
  • Testified on four different occasions before the Federal Communications Commission on vertical integration and consolidation of media.
  • Retired Board Member, Screen Actors Guild and KCET-TV.
  • Retired Chairman of several national committees dealing with diversity and job creation.
  • Created "The Voice of Reason," his own radio show/podcast where he and co-host Ted Durden interviewed several nationally-known guests:· Reed, a constitutional conservative, and Durden, an African-American southern democrat, were regularly complemented for the civility and ability of two politically diverse ideologies to work together to identify commonalities between them for the common good as well as good radio.

Mark Reed’s Cell phone (559)676-9825  E-mail:
FPPC# 1437553

Notable Endorsements

Madera County Republican Party
State-Wide California Republican Assembly
Congressman Tom McClintock
Congressman Mike Garcia
Marc Sobel
Dan Metz
Kenny Goodwin
Rick & Kris Hamilton

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